As'salamu alikum wa'rahmatulahi wa'barakatuhu.

Tuba was established in January 2023 with one straight forward vision - simplicity. 

We are two Muslim brothers that embarked on this journey to bring people modest Islamic clothing that is simple in design, yet elegant and comfortable. We design clothing that we like and want to wear. It’s nice to have patterns and designs, embroidery and hoods; but sometimes we just want something that is simple, but still makes a bold statement. We are always listening to customer feedback and threading your thoughts into our designs.

How did Tuba start?

We were planning to travel and were on the hunt for simple designed thobes to take with us but found it very difficult to source. So, when we returned from our travels, we decided to start our own clothing line that would offer people what we found difficult to find. Alhamdulilah, since our launch, we have had an abundance of support from all over. It is with this support we can continuously grow.

Our clothing is sourced from the motherland, Bangladesh. With material hand-picked and then stitched to perfection from our trusted tailors. We are all for supporting businesses which is why we pay our tailors a price they are happy with. We appreciate the hard work that goes into perfecting our clothing and show this appreciation by being fair and just.

The name Tuba is an Islamic word from the Quran that refers to the tree of Jannah. We are very proud of our branding as it encompasses our vision and beliefs all in one. Everything we do is with the blessing of Allah; to ensure our success continues to have barakah, we donate a percentage of all sales to charity regularly.

Tuba is constantly evolving; we are learning and growing everyday with the help of our customers and followers. We will soon broaden our reach to accommodate other designs and members of our communities In’Sha’Allah.

Jazak’Allahu Khair